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What needs to be done with PHP is the following: this thing, as I understand it, is called a bot. I have a site address, the bot should on this site in the field, there, for example, input type="text", write some word, click on the search button (which is nearby), and the resulting throw the results into the database.

Please tell me where to read or find out, well, or give me ideas on how to do it, source codes are not required.

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If this should not happen automatically, then it is quite possible to use Selenium– a macro for testing, in which you can record all your actions once and repeat them as many times as needed.

If you want to do all this using programming tools, then it is not at all necessary to fill out the form, form a POST and send it immediately to the script that should process the request, CURL, with which you can simply send data and receive responses with which you can then do what you need. Tutorials on it can be easily found on the net.