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You need to add news of various amounts of information to the site, including pictures. I wanted to ask you how to organize the add / edit form? I heard that there is such a special thing (I don’t know what it’s called).
alt text

Please tell me what this thing is called, and how to use it with reference to the database.

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What is shown in the picture is CKEditor. There are many such editors. They provide visual editing, pictures that you want to add to the article, they allow you to select from a pre-specified directory on the server or upload an image to this directory and then select again. But how to save to the database and get it from there – this is the task of the script.

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This thing is called visual editor. A vivid example of this miracle “TinyMCE”

Installing it is easy. You can read here

And it’s also easy to connect to the database, you just need to display the data for editing in the textarea, and then from it back to the database.

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This is a normal WYSIWYG

Best used from TinyMCE

Binds to a regular input.

There were a lot of answers right away.. surprisingly, the question was asked 2 hours ago, and the answers were given with a difference of 1 minute.

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WYSIWYG – what I see and get.

and how to use it with reference to

I didn’t quite get what you mean, so I’ll tell you how I understood it =)

<form action="get.php" type="post">
<textarea name="text"></textarea>
<input type="submit">

this was the example code for your editor
the main field in it is <textarea>in which something is drawn, written and inserted what you need and when submitting the form, for example, to a file
get.phpyou should already have a code there that will save the contents of your editor to the database