Configuring PHP + APC

Hello! I have a problem. I installed PHP and APC PHPINFO on my server. And I wanted to make a progress bar for downloading files (actually, APC is needed for this), and as a result, in all test cases, instead of information about the state of the files, I get an empty string (false).

I configured the following in PHP.ini:

 apc.rfc1867_freq = 10k

Didn’t work


It’s working properly, outputting 12345, from which I conclude that APC installed and configured correctly. Help, who came across, plz!

Answer 1, authority 100%

Firstly, Flash is no longer properly for download progress, just like a client-side Java applet. I recommend installing a suitable PECL extension for this, plus – keep in mind – proxies in the middle between client and server can give a similar problem. As is – in particular – Nginx on the server side. Write a clarification of the question and task – I will help with pleasure.

Answer 2

And where did you get the idea that you need APC for the progress of downloading files? Apparently it requires some specific library? If so ? Why didn’t you name this library?

Currently loading progress is done either via ajax or (cross-platform via flash).