Class (script, function) for checking backlinks

Subject. I really want it under php 5.3.8
Found using deprecated functions, too lazy to poke around
p.s. backlink = backlink..
I am adding a question.
– The class (function) should check for the presence of a certain url on a certain page of another site.

  • link exists if:
    • no index tag
    • no rel=”nofollow”
    • does not exist in robots.txt
  • class should not use deprecated functions like eregi split etc.

Why not write your own? I am weak in regular seasons, very weak, this is probably what I will never be strong in..

Answer 1, authority 100%

I take it there are pages where you need to check the link to yourself? What prevents getting pages through file_get_contents and getting the necessary links through preg_match?

Or is there another meaning?


Regular is something like this:

preg_match_all('/<a(.*)<\/a>/', $page_content, $links);

Here, $links[0]will contain all the links on the page. They can be cycled through with the condition if(strpos($links[0][$i], 'http://_') !== FALSE). This way you will know if there is a link to your site or not. By the same principle it is checked for “nofollow”.

robots.txt is read line by line with file() and compared in the same way

If the site has a link to your site, then you can get all the blocks that are closed:

preg_match('/<noindex>(.*)<\/noindex>/Uis', $page_content, $noindexes)

$noindexes[0]in the loop is checked against the if condition above.