Cell input PHP and mySql

For example, I have a 15×20 table. Where 1 column is the names and the top row is the date. How do I enter the given at the intersection of the name on the 3rd line and the date in the 5th column. How to do it?

Answer 1, authority 100%

In fact, as you come up with storage, you will have to implement it. You can have a table of last names and a table with dates separately. Each line is a separate date. And then you can simply write the person’s ID::estimate\n in the cell and then sort by \n line by line. Nearby you can have the same, but with presence marks and so on. There are actually many options. Whoever comes up with what, will do it.

The second option. A table of people, and in another table, make cells – date, rating, person ID and enter them simply in order, to whom you put his ID, date and rating.