BBCode for self-writing

We need a BBCode for a self-written CMS, I could not find anything worthwhile on the Internet, perhaps someone will upload their own script or point to a ready-made one…
You need something like this form, as on this site when adding a question. ))
I think I spoke, I’m waiting for answers.

Answer 1, authority 100%


Answer 2

A familiar problem, about a month ago I spent 4 days looking for and selecting a BBCode vizivig editor suitable for me) I chose tiny mce, and at the same time, the simple version.

Due to the non-bulky size and the minimum of functions. Well, in principle, you can do almost MS Word))

So why am I… yes… I can advise you about 30 editors with almost 1 link, but you still choose one. “this one is not here” “this one is too hard to remake” “1000 more and one reason” 🙂

Answer 3