Adding Pokémon to Registration [Locked]

I want to create an online Pokémon game. And I had a question, how to make a picture of a pokemon in registration, but at the same time, when I chose it, so that it would later appear in my profile, but not just a picture, but a pokemon with stats, level, lives and attacks, how to do this? Please help.

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On the topic: in the registration form, you make a connection between the Pokémon from the database and what the user selects (picture). Upon successful registration, the entry about the choice will be in the database and that’s it, then you manipulate it.

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There is a table of pokemons with their stats and descriptions, there is a table of users with their data. When registering in a specially designated field with the user, after selecting a pokemon, enter the pokemon ID there, and you will have a permanent link between your user and the pokemon, you can select several pokemons, for this it is not necessary to do many fields for the user, it is enough to store the ID, for example, separated by commas or space in one field.