Adding icon icon in Mail ()

As with the usual sending of the letter (Mail () function on PHP), stick to the letter “Shortcut Icon”.

For example, notifications to mail from Facebook and Twitter in the sender’s column contains FAVICON. How it’s done? Maybe in Headers the parameters need to be set? Google did not help me here, help you, please ();

And also, out of curiosity, at “in contact” there is a preload of the icons – this is ajax zogolok changing or some other features?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Look at this side: service icons in [email protected] , Open Mail Format

Answer 2

About the icons in the letter – I do not know. I suspect this homemade of postal sites. In MS Outlook, unlike Yandex and Male, do not see such icons. =)

No, everything is much simpler with the icon on the site: A new element Link is created with the REL = “Shortcut Icon” and a new URL. And replaces the old element. The icon, respectively, will also change.

Answer 3

No headers may not be, there are no such fields there. All that is on sites is the case of their hands 🙂

And about VKontakte – you can simply change the link at the LINK element, it is not necessary to re-possession 🙂