строка не найдена

How to create a space between $ row [‘name’] and $ ROW [‘SURNAME’]. Or even better how to make $ row [‘Surname’] displayed at the bottom of $ row [‘name’]

echo '<input type="submit" class="nas" value='.$row['name'].$row['surname'].' />';

Answer 1

value='"' . $row['name'] . ' ' . $row['surname'] . '"';

And so? 🙂

p.s. In PHP, better text strings denote single quotes. It works faster due to the fact that they are not searched for variables. In my case, the variables are already defined and the text is also known = & gt; The definition and output will be faster in the future.

Answer 2

value='.$row['name'].' '.$row['surname'].'

Answer 3

echo '<input type="submit" class="nas" value="'.$row['name'].' '.$row['surname'].'" />';

Quotes around Value Do not forget. 😉